by Harry / December 14, 2006

By many measures last night's DESIGN BLOGfest party was a success, as you can attest by the photo above with DWR SoHo's two floors packed very tightly. But the measure I appreciated most was the contact; the discussion with Jin who was in town from San Francisco, with bloggers Claire from l-e-mental and FunFurde (in stealth mode), with designers Joey Roth, Julian Lwin, Josee Lepage and Tobias Wong, with MoCo contributor Susan Kennedy (also just in from San Francisco, but staying in NYC), Greg from 2Modern, Barbara from Tufenkian, our graceful hostess Carie from DWR (hope you like the hat). And of course meeting fellow bloggers Grace (+ AC), Lockhart, Leonora and the AT posse Maxwell, Justine, Ursula, Sarah is always a blast. It must be true what the Times said about New Yorkers staying at home on Saturdays, it felt like they were all out last night. Special thanks to The Greene Grape for the wines and the team at DWR SoHo for everything else.


...and in.

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