Top 3 Questions
by Harry / December 6, 2006

You voted and here they are - the top three interview questions. For a couple of weeks now we’ve been on the quest for the best interview questions. We asked MoCo Loco readers to vote a few times to determine which three questions would go to a final voting round. Here below are the final three questions, culled from 25 questions submitted, that received the most votes of the more than 1500 votes gathered. Vote for the one you think is worthy.

Which interview question below do you like best?The world is already full of stuff; why do you make/design more?What two modern day conveniences can you not live without? How you would change/improve them?Art Deco, Mid-Century, Post-Modern… is it possible to describe the ‘design’ era we're currently in?Make Free Online Polls

The very best question, as voted by you our readers, is eligible to win Phaidon’s new Josef Muller- Brockmann coffee table book (“The first comprehensive monograph on the life and work of pioneering Swiss graphic designer who created many of the twentieth century’s most significant and memorable posters.").

And there’s some goodies for the two runner’s up... they’ll each get the original Jimi wallet, “a compact, water resistant and colorful alternative to that stodgy, old wallet that attracts old receipts and out of date library cards like a paper magnet. Jimi™ wallet holds just the essentials: five cards, a few bills, and even has a detachable money clip if you need to go super slim”.

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