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by Harry / November 18, 2006

This week's MoCo picks.

+ Blue Air's AirPod personal air purifier "uses approximately 60% less material to manufacture, 50% less packaging and 85% less energy than other air purifiers with comparable performance. It also runs on less than five watts of power where other units require 40 watts. No chemicals are used on the filter or elsewhere and no ozone by-products are released from the unit. In addition, all components and the packaging are 100% recyclable.". Via Behind The Curtains.

+ DWB's Into the Woods "showcases the sometimes weird and wonderful relation between technology and nature through a selection of products, software and art.". That's Vahakn Matossian's Microscopy table above, watch the video (19.7mb Quicktime).

+ Craft: made it official, crafts never left, they evolved, now Crafts the mag gets redesigned. Mo Crafty. Via

+ Room 301 of the ICEHOTEL @ Plataforma Arquitectura.

+ Scudi radiator designed by Massimo Iosa Ghini for Antrax Art Heating, "can be installed either vertically or horizontally to convey a stately sense of shape and proportion. It consists of three elements in steel with an original trapezoidal form.". Via TRENDOFFICE.

+ Ebeling House, a minimalist sculpted wood block extension @ Arkinetia. "In a Southern suburb of Dortmund, a `40s single-family house with pitched roof is to be expanded by adding a supplementary apartment. This extension, situated along the street, looks like a sculptural molded wood block, like a prototype.".

+ Designer Ruth Lodder's mosaic tile Love Seat. Via the style files.

+ Holiday House on the Rigi, Scheidegg, Switzerland by Andreas Fuhrimann Gabrielle Hächler @ a weekly dose of architecture.

+ Going To School In Denmark @ The Cool Hunter. "Visual artists have created a school with fascinating interiors that feature high window seating for watching the world outside; green platforms with round, red holes where discussions can buzz and bubble, and large upholstered tubes where kids can hide with a good book or spend some time alone.".

+ Louise Hederström interview @ design*sponge. Too bad my IKEA doesn't carry the Frän shelf and shoerack. Interesting interview question 'Sketch something you remember from your childhood'...

+ Dedon's Yin Yang outdoor chairs. Via pan-dan.

+ Stefan Hemmerle "radically re-interpret[s] the time-worn myth of diamonds... over the last two decades [he has] succeeded in unifying the precious nature of gems and a reduction in form.". Via designboom.

+ Jenny Nordberg's Hexagon Chip Table, "Cheap and strong OSB construction material made into tables. Comes in several different stain colours.". Via DESIGNSPOTTER.

+ Fredrikson Stallard's Ming#2 vase. Via Why Not?

+ Japan Design Net covers Dutch Design Week. Via Dezain.

+ Muji's Christmas catalog. Via

+ Designer Chris Kirby (nice portfolio BTW) attended and documented Tokyo Designer’s Week 'Professional Exhibition' in a Flickr photoset. Via

+ Pomuk's novel use of drip lights @ Apartment Therapy.

+ The Tord TV music is Goldfrapp's Fly Me Away. I should have known (see Media Faves). Via HAPPY mundane.

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