The Fabrizio Challenge
by Harry / November 10, 2006

Got this comment today from Fabrizio regarding MoCo Loco interviews:

“Who is doing these interviews?
You say these are "our usual questions", but you
came late. With these questions it seems to be
one of the popular designboom interviews,
they are using exactly the same kind of questions
since many years. Why don't you ask designers different things?
It is boring. “

Ouch! For the record the answer to ‘Who is doing these interviews?’ is myself (Harry) and MoCo Loco contributing editors. The ‘usual questions’ refers to a series we started a few months back on inspiration. As for the similarities with designboom, a site we admire BTW, I checked the most recent interview, an interview with art director Marc Atlan, and yes, there are similarities but there are more differences IMHO.

Here’s a question for you, we have a few more inspiration interviews to go, but in the meantime, what questions would you like us to ask in future interviews? Anyone, including Fabrizio, leave a comment with your question(s). The best questions, as voted by you our readers will be eligible to win Phaidon’s new Josef Muller-Brockmann coffee table book (“The first comprehensive monograph on the life and work of pioneering Swiss graphic designer who created many of the twentieth century’s most significant and memorable posters.").

The deadline for question(s) submissions is November 17 and the voting will take place the week of November 20th.

Leave a comment with your question(s) and make sure to enter your email address when you're filling in the form.

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