This Week at Art MoCo
by sabine7 / November 10, 2006

Sweet or savoury? Derek Stroup gives us the choice with both a candy bar series and a chip collection on offer. A generically tasty way to start the week.

If raku brings to mind images of seriously earthy earthenware, it’s time to check out the up-tempo ceramics created by Joseph Conforti.

Antoine Martin calls himself the Urban Walker, but then again he has the good fortune to be a Parisian photographer. But it is not simply good luck that leads his eye to great photos.

Wheels of fortune, the domino effect and lucky numbers join with rainy days and acrobats in the mysterious paintings of Martha Tsiara, who also reveals more than a touch of whimsy in her illustrations.

Jane Callister’s thick and colourful abstracts highlight the medium and help end this week with a splash. SM

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