The Perfect $100,000 House
by / October 22, 2006

Founding Editor in Chief of Dwell magazine and architecture critic Karrie Jacobs goes on a road trip to find The Perfect $100,000 House. Can a well-built, intelligently designed, decent-size house with curb appeal be built for $100,000? Jacobs travels from coast to coast interviewing architects and builders “who are revolutionizing the way Americans think about homes, about construction techniques, and about community” to find the answer. This isn’t a picture book, it’s more of a memoire that documents her journey, her quest to find the answer. “From a Teletubbiesesque subdivision outside Taos, New Mexico, to nuevo-retro shotgun houses in Houston, the options available to prospective home buyers are as diverse as the terrain along Jacobs’s fourteen-thousand-mile trek.”. Hardcover, 304 pages, illustrated by Gary Panter, $16.35 at Amazon. Via Inhabitat.

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