This Week at Art MoCo
by sabine7 / October 20, 2006

Hyun-Gyoung Kim gives us an inkling of what little girls would look like if they were fungi, but it is her faceless heads that draw us even further into her work.

Josh Finken “may not have all the answers”, but when we take a look at his painting, A Farm’s Life, we wonder what the questions are.

Smoke and roses, as soft and wispy as they may be, are strengths in the oeuvre of painter Thomas Darnell.

What if 70,000 litres of paint were to be launched into the air of Glasgow and the colours of the rainbow literally rained down upon the ground? Watch the video to find out.

And since we’re asking questions, what do 250,000 bouncy balls look like when they take over the streets of San Francisco? More video, more colour. SM

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