Bouroullec Floating House
by / October 12, 2006

La Maison Flottante is a studio for resident artists of the CNEAI (National art center for print art). It's currently floating on the Seine river and is moored at the "impressionist island" in Chatou. It was conceived by the Bouroullec brothers together with architects Jean-Marie Finot and Denis Daversin. It has “an aluminum skin enveloped by a wooden trellis [that] delimits the long alcove laid onto the rectangular platform of the boat (23mx5m). Large flower pots placed on the terraces are the starting points of creepers that should invade the walls and roof. In the near future, plants will cover the whole, thus integrating the building within the landscape of the shores and providing further intimacy to the residents.”.


What the floating house might look like when the creepers begin "to invade the walls and roof".




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