100% Design London 2006: Evado
by / September 27, 2006

Evado creates “sculptural LED lighting solutions” using their Lumen Strip technology. “This allows easily assembled modules, convex or concave shapes and smooth organic effects.”. Evado has off the shelf sculptures and also makes customized LED lighting installations. Paries (above) is a wall installation demonstrating their water droplet effect, convex and concave curves and five pastel acrylic inlays.

+ evado.biz


Lumen Strips close up.

Crystalus 06 "connects Lumen Strips into a luxurious cylindrical lamp. Originally inspired by a poster bollard, the striking 2.3m x 0.36m proportions make a dramatic use of the Evado concept. Tiled with square patterned polished crystal inlays, each with its own LED and finished with brushed stainless steel, Crystalus’ elegance engenders a sophisticated ambience.".



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