100% Design London 2006: Vitamin
by / September 26, 2006

Vitamin launched a new lifestyle product range at 100%, a collection that is “guaranteed to make consumers’ lives a little less ordinary.”. New is the Gno, a modern ceramic alternative to the traditional garden gnome, and Game Shell, a hard shell case for video game controllers. Also on display; T-Light table light for your coffee cup, Tab A combination ashtray and vase, and Powder Seat snowboard bench.

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Gno, garden gnomes for the modern, urban consumer.

Game Shell hard shell case for video game controllers.

T-Light, a table light that allows tea & coffee drinkers to extend the life of their cup of tea or coffee. Made from fine bone china, T-Light exudes a soft glow when hot drinks are placed on the integrated saucer.

Tab A and Tab B; Tab A (above) combines an ashtray with a vase and Tab B combines an ashtray with a plant pot. The vase and plant pot sit on top of the ashtray, concealing it both visually and aromatically. Both the vase and plant pot are also easily lifted off to make use of the ashtray.

Powder Seat bench.


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