This Week at Art MoCo
by sabine7 / September 21, 2006

Jeff Friesen’s photography made us rub the sleep from our eyes and start the week with new clarity of vision. One can never have too many favorite photographers.

Elwira Sofia Schott pseudo-pixellates her paintings for a particularly eye-catching brand of photo-realism.

Well, who knew that the Orgasmatron 3000 would refer to a leather-clad washing machine with a saddle on top? Dominic Wilcox wants the fun put back into housework. Set the dial for the optimum ooh factor.

Both Morandini’s name and illustrations give away his stomping grounds. Combine a one-name moniker with bold, vibrant work and one need look no further than Brazil.

And we head to the mountains for the weekend with the work of Valeriy Grachov, an impressive mountain of photos and paintings. SM

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