Maison & Objet Fall 2006: Authentics
by / September 11, 2006

Authentics was showing a wide selection of their products including the Bravit candle above. "The arrangement of the wicks in the centre of the candle forms an almost graphic design that becomes visible through the thin wax layer. The design traced by the burning wicks is reminiscent of a chemical formula. As the candle evolves through the various phases of burning, BRAVIT continuously invokes new atmospheres. The candle undergoes a constant metamorphosis as two, three, or sometimes even five flames at the same time assume the shape of a transient work of art. BRAVIT will not only burn for the duration of your extended dinner, but the perfectly orchestrated drama of its flames will also become the focal point of the dinner conversation. The candle is made completely of paraffin, the wicks of cotton.". The candle was designed by Christoph van Bömmel and won a Design Plus Award earlier this year. See EIKO, "the solution for the perfect breakfast egg" after the jump.




"With EIKO you can cook your egg, time it, cool it and serve it to the table. Simply hang the EIKO over the edge of the pan of boiling water. Individual cooking times can be separated and remembered using the different colours. Then the EIKO is simply removed from the pan using the external handle, held under cold water to cool and brought to the table to eat, where it functions as an egg cup. Egg and hands remain unscathed!".


That's Tord Boontje's Table Stories in the foreground of the Authentics booth.

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