This Week at Art MoCo
by sabine7 / September 8, 2006

At first glance, it’s just a bunch of garden gnomes hard at work. But when the fine-tuning takes place, it becomes apparent that these dwarves come in seven different shades, none of them Snow White. Zoe Charlton and Rick Delaney examine suburbia and everyone’s chance at the American Dream in their installation.

Anna Gaskell gives us some very atmospheric Alice in Wonderland settings in her photography, all moody adolescent girls and mysterious woods.

Art IS truly everywhere. Well, it certainly can be, especially if you are an artist named Scott Wade and have a knack for intricate drawings on the dust that collects on the rear window of your car.

Flower arrangements usually send a message, but Carson Fox’s wreathes spell them right out. Hallmark cards, they are not, but nonetheless, are very much on point. When you care enough to send a piece of your mind...

Mark Schwartz’s website is called ShoesAsIdea, but to some of us the concept is larger: ShoesAsWayofLife. Schwartz panders to these needs with glorious illustrations of shoes of every (gorgeous) kind. SM

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