Andreas Holm
by / August 8, 2006

Design student Andreas Holm has a great future in kitchenware. He recently sent us these ceramic designs for shakers and storage. Says he: “I have designed a range of different kitchenwares or ‘gadgets’ with functions that can be used for specific food products. I came up with three ideas which I made physical: storage for half an avocado, an olive storage jar with a (built-in) strainer, and an oil and vinegar drizzle set with lids. The design of each item reflects its function or purpose. I like the idea of a product that looks like ‘something’ related to its purpose/function. That could be a living being or a natural product. The three things my designs are based on are an avocado, an olive and two drops of fluid.”. Andreas can be reached in the UK at +44(0)7749500740.

Olive strainer and storage.


Salt and pepper shaker.

Oil and vinegar drizzle set with lids.

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