Meta MoCo
by / August 7, 2006

Last week's MoCo submissions.

+ Nola Star functions as a curtain, wall paneling, room divider or as a transparent accent element and is 100% customizable. Thanks Oliver!

+ Viable, the design studio, has been selected to exhibit their work at the Design Museum this Fall. That’s their Mekong Cube above, an occasional table constructed from two-way mirror glass containing a softly glowing plastic spherical light, turn the light off and the cube is fully reflective.

+ miawolf iPod Clip, made of laser cut acrylic and held together with silicon bands, the Clip creates a clip / frame that protects a Nano or Shuffle and can also do duty as a earphone cord tangle. From the designers of the Heinze tabletop glass fireplace. Thanks Jessica!

+ Marco Gouveia’s Poltrona Eco X folding wood armchair.

+ B+N’s Iconic relief panels made of wood, not paper, gyp board, nor plastic. Thanks Kevin!

+ Leonardo table by Bertrand Clerc and Olivier Gregoire. Says designer Clerc; “The object fossilizes a moment of intimacy… form no longer follows function, it follows feelings, then the emotional prevails on the functional.”.

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