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by / June 10, 2006

For a few months now Colorcalm, the folks who produce those ambient video DVDs, have been running a contest to solicit submissions for their next DVD compilation (MoCo Loco is a contest media partner). To date they’ve received several submissions from video artists around the world. We recently asked them to show us a sampling of those videos and then called Colorcalm producer Robert Norton to ask a few questions. Videos by Rob Tyler, Karl Kliem, Dan Hermes, Dan Riley, Jeffers Egan, Nomig and the answers to those questions are in the podcast you can download below.

+ MP4 Quicktime Stream
+ moco_loco_ambient_video.mp4 (13.87Mb video iPod file, right click and "Save link as")
+ See it on

If you’re interested in submitting your own video art for the contest, you can do so here. Colorcalm has also recently teamed up with Atmos Pictures to distribute their ambient video through new digital distribution platforms. Watch out for 'atmospheric entertainment' on iTunes, Google Video and as ringtones later this year.

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