ICFF 2006: The Leaf
by / May 30, 2006

We got a demo of Yves Behar’s LED Leaf lamp for Herman Miller at ICFF. It’s impressive. There are two integrated touch sensitive controls in the base of the lamp that regulate the amount of ‘cool’ vs. ‘warm’ light and light intensity. I’m told that LEDs are hard to work with because they’re sometimes too bright and the UV rays can potentially be harmful. The Leaf solves these problems in an elegant way with dimmer control and surprising articulation that allows the user to direct the light practically anywhere - all in a package barely thicker than a leaf. UPDATE: I may have been misinformed about LEDs, read Woode's comment.

+ MP4 Quicktime Stream
+ icff_06_the_leaf.m4v (5.25Mb video iPod file, right click and "Save link as")


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