5.5 Designers (Part 1)
by / May 16, 2006

Enterprising design promoters Commissaires have brought French design collective 5.5 Designers to North America. Their well-attended inaugural launch last Thursday in Montreal will surely be eclipsed by their New York Design Week debut this weekend. For a relatively young group, 5.5 has a hefty portfolio that includes, among others, two projects that are truly out of the ordinary (Part 2 will be posted tomorrow). We’ve covered Reanim before, but there’s nothing like seeing it live. Short for reanimate, Reanim is actually a series of fluorescent coloured accessories that allow you to ‘reanimate’ abandoned objects. For example, when the 5.5 team landed in Montreal they picked up some homely furniture at a local thrift shop and proceeded to reanimate them by combining them using their Reanim elements. A low table, a chair and a stainless steel coat rack quickly become a single object by simply drilling a hole, inserting a fluorescent green collar and threading the coat rack through the tables. Instant eco-friendly art object furniture. In New York they will setting up their first aid unit at CiTe, in Soho, on May 20 and 21.








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