Meta MoCo - 08 APR 06 cont'd
by / April 10, 2006

Last week's submissions.

+ salaD's Che mangino brioche frame, part of a series of products that blend rococo opulence with digital austerity

+ launches it's first design object collection called FREAKS. Thanks Sarah!

+ Splace's Fz.S 'Interval' ICE-COILs. Lace the elastic, transparent glass coils around your neck, clasp the magnetic ends and you are set. Thanks Franz!

+ The Star Cluster LED chandelier by Dianne Harris at Salon 21... made with 8cm stars that have an internal L.E.D (Light emitting diode) which slowly changes colour (pink, purple, red, magenta blue). Thanks Antonia!

+ From Australia, Ilan El's glittering Rain cylinder pendant light. Thanks Ilan!

+ The Vaja Leather Suit dresses up the BeoSound 2. Thanks Federico!

+ &made's Splair, the decorative tableau that unfolds into a comfy chair. Thanks Toby & Dave!

+ ZenKaya, the prefab from South Africa, is delivered completed to your site, and ready to live in, on the back of a flat bed truck. Thanks David!

+ Kattbank kitty-loo bench, the "solution for cat lovers and litter haters". Thanks Augusta!

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