Meta MoCo - 01 APR 06 cont'd
by / April 3, 2006

Last week's MoCo Milan submissions.

+ More SpHaus Milan preview, 500 Kg. above is a modular seating system based on 5 elements (one seat, one footstool and three armrests). Designed by Johannes Torpe, you create the armchair, chaise longue, linear or angular sofa you want, when you want it. Thanks Filippo!

+ Cory Grosser's Demask chairs for Frighetto come in both swivel and dining versions. They debut this week in Milan. Thanks Cory!

+ Rapid manufactured items from the invitation to Dream, Industreal's exhibit in Milan.

+ More rapid prototyping and manufacturing items from the invitation to Materialise.MGX's exhibit in Milan at Zona Tortona, Superstudio Piu.

+ Wood & Wood Design's Caddy is a modular suitcase-trolley with a moulded rigid outer shell encasing a removable soft inner case. The extendable handle allows the user to pull the case in its "closed" mode, or push and lean on the case in its "open" mode. Thanks Sam!

+ Kiel Mead's Ford Mustang, Dueling Dragons, and Duplication Prohibited Key Rings. Thanks Kiel!

+ Evan Andersen's Torque coffee table looks kinetic. Thanks Evan!

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