AC cover
by / March 8, 2006

From artist Leslie Fry; "As an artist who appreciates gourmet cookies, I have found a practical use for all the cookie packaging that normally goes right to the landfill. To disguise an obtrusive air-conditioning unit in my home I designed a work of art to cover it. When the air-conditioner is not in use, visitors instead see a pleasing bas-relief sculpture in plaster and wood. Although the AC cover is much smaller in scale than the public sculpture projects I usually undertake, the same conceptual criteria apply. My task is visually translating icons and symbols that have historical, utilitarian, or personal significance for a given environment into site-specific artwork. And since in this case the site was my own habitat, the by-products of my cookie habit became the design solution. I made plaster casts from plastic cookie containers, and then mounted them in an abstract pattern on a wooden box. This unique cover rests on a frame around the air-conditioner, which now no longer disrupts the esthetic unity of the room.". Leslie has begun accepting orders for pre-existing cookie pattern covers. Thanks Leslie!




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