Snowflake Video
by / March 7, 2006

Our first video. It was easy choosing the first subject, Montreal-based Periphere, they make one of our favorite objects of 2005; Snowflake. A low table made of laser-cut steel with a snowflake pattern, the fragility of the design belies the strength and mass of the table. Snowflake's designers Thien Ta Trung and sister My are featured as are the table and other pieces (everything you see in the vid is their design). My favorite quote; "every year we do a lot of pieces we call haute couture, for these pieces it's really purely emotional, there's really no practical aspect to it". A big thank you to Joan and Sylvain for the production and Alain for the coordination and space.

+ 12.7Mb Quicktime download (right click and "save as")
+ 12.2Mb MPG4 download for your iPod
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