The 1889 Project
by / March 6, 2006

A collaborative effort by Vest Collective, all recent graduates of Sheridan's Craft & Design program, The 1889 Project uses Toronto's Gladstone Hotel as inspiration for "new work that incorporates and draws parallels between craftsmanship, decoration and function.". The collaborative emphasizes the quality and longevity of the work produced, the historical and cultural context, and its relevance to contemporary culture. Something we've seen Motherbrand and Dutch Souvenirs do. "Vest produces work demonstrating that design is full of the potential to communicate a wide range of ideas.". As ad agency colleague of mine once said, "everything communicates". More images after the jump.


Birds and Bamboo light by Jennifer Graham. A 3D interpretation of an 1872 wallpaper of the same name.

Love is blind by Jessica Lertvilai. Love letters transcribed in braille are the relief pattern on the vase.

Angel Lamp by Jonathan Sabine. A contemporary adaptation of Victorian wrought iron. Based on images of the decorative metalwork found in the elevator of the Gladstone Hotel.

Quad Cubes by Katy Chan and Erin Neal. Upholstered cubes also inspired by the decorative metalwork found in the elevator of the Gladstone Hotel.

Confederation bench by Mathew Birtch. Made using the same stone working techniques that were used to create the exterior of the Gladstone.

Newton's Law of Grinding by Sally McCubbin. An adaptation of the mortar and pestle, a common object from the period.

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