Mirroir Noir
by / January 18, 2006

Artist-designer Rob Teeters creates thought provoking design sometimes based on aesthetics alone but often combined with subtle art. Case in point: Mirroir Noir above. "Colors and details are intentionally hidden. Imperfections are invisible. Only a gently detailed silhouette is reflected.". A growing collection includes S & P, a set of salt and pepper shakers inspired by minimalist sculpture, L’Ingestion de Poison coasters, "a satirical gesture relating to the consumption of alcohol as a social obligation. Laser-cut into the bottom of the case is, “L’ingestion de poison peut-etre fatale” which translates to “the ingestion of poison may lead to death”, and Shallow 1, a table for loft spaces. Thanks Matt!

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Mirroir Noir.

S & P salt and pepper shakers.

L’Ingestion de Poison coasters.

Shallow 1, a table for loft spaces.


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