Top5 We Like: Greg
by / December 28, 2005

Top5 by Greg:

Holland Electro + Marcel Wanders

+ A Dutch brand made famous by its vacuum cleaners. Marcel Wanders summed up the ornate and introduced us to a new way of seeing home theatre this year. I loved this series.

Shelflife & Titanic

+ Designer Charles Trevelyan had some new designs at 100% London. Charles Trevelyan made a book shelf mutifunctional, and a titanic lamp.

Bin Bin

+ Crumpled paper bin. The form of the waste paper bin tells us about the contents within- brilliant.

AirSwitch TC

+ No need to fumble for the switch. Control light by a wave of the hand above. I saw one of these while shopping this year, and I still lose sleep over it. Wow.

Christophe Pillet

+ Porro is known for its extensive research into materials. Christophe Pillet is one my favorite designers. When I saw the Flat lamp, he stunned me again.

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