by / November 29, 2005

+ From Takumi, what appears to be a humidifier (I don't read japanese). Via Scope. Postscript; thx to Greg from who writes "yeah, it's a humidifier, 14cm across, that uses about 250ml/hr, can go 8 hrs on a tank (2l), shuts off automatically, and 'because the steam comes out from a tall place, it fits perfectly with a lifestyle of sitting in sofas and chairs' [as opposed to sitting on the floor, as is still common in many Japanese households].". Thanks also to Adam who adds "The 'chimney' is indeed a humidifier--works ultrasonically. The page in question gives a number of basic details (2 liter tank, covers 8-mat room, runs on only 35 W as opposed to normal heat-based humidifiers that run on 250 W, etc).".


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