Site Interrupted
by / May 28, 2005

At quarter to midnite last night MoCo Loco's web hosting company, Hostway, suspended our hosting account, and our email accounts, for alleged spamming. This morning, when we called the 24/7 tech support, we were told the issue could not be resolved until Monday at 9AM (ostensibly when the person responsible for spam shows up for work). Inexplicably, we're back, but we don't know for how long...

Web hosting esoterica

As you may know, web domains and email accounts can be hijacked by spammers with the result I just described. For the record, we abhor spam. In fact, we don't even have a newsletter and I personally use a spam service, Spamarrest, to try to control incoming spam. We are not spammers. To all my blogging peers, thank you for your support and one word - mirror.

I still believe Hostway has a good service. Unlike what happened to MoCo Loco last night, I am willing to give Hostway a second chance.

Regular posting will resume later today (if we're still here).


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