STEEN 2005
by / May 2, 2005

Contemporary ceramics inspired by 17th century Dutch designer Jan Steen.
A high white gloss glaze and riffs on the traditional blue decoration found on 17th century Dutch ceramics is all that links this new collection with the past. We especially like Fernando Brizio's concave salt and pepper shakers, Hans Maier Aichen's bowls, and Jan Hoekstra's pitcher.

Designers: Jan Hoekstra, Arjan Brekveld, Ed Annink, Fernando Brizio, Hans Maier Aichen, Miki Astori


Fernando Brizio's concave salt and pepper shakers for Cor Unum.

Hans Maier Aichen's bowls.

Jan Hoekstra's pitcher and Ed Annink's coaster/trivet(?).

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