Crystallize Chandelier by Paul Cocksedge
by / April 29, 2005

Crystal and laser chandelier. "When there is no light the chandelier disappears. Using lasers and crystals in perfect alignment, the iconic shape of a Swarovski crystal is drawn in mid air." Other lamp creations include Styrene, a polystyrene pendant that changes it's form as heat is applied, Bulb, a vase of water that lights up when a flower is inserted, Watt?, a lamp that, to turn it on, uses the conductive properties of pencil graphite, and NeON, suspended glass vessels with a charged gas.

Designer: Paul Cocksedge


The heart of the Crystallize is a single crystal which sparkles as it catches the laser light.



"Styrene (above) was inspired by the concept of growth as a process. By applying heat to polystyrene, the form changes and with it the properties of the material. The result is organic and unique sculptural forms with much greater strength.".


"Bulb (above) brings together three natural elements - electricity, water and a flower - with magical effect. A simple vase of water is transformed into a light source when a flower is inserted - and as soon as it is removed or the flower dies, the light goes out. By functioning as a conductor for the electricity, the stem of the flower switches on a small light source at the base of the vase. The water acts as a lens to project abstracted floral patterns around the room."


"Watt? is designed with purity in mind. The elegant switch is based on the natural conductive properties of the graphite found in pencils. Connecting two points with the a pencil line completes the circuit and the light is switched on. When the line is rubbed out the light is switched off."


NeON. "Hand made glass vessels filled with natural gas are charged with current and suspended. In day light they are translucent with a hint of natural colour. In darkness they have a unique and beautiful aesthetic all of their own with strikingly vivid colours.".



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