Bin Bin by John Brauer & Hans Falleboe
by Admin1 / March 22, 2005

Crumpled paper bin. A waste paper bin that looks like what you throw into it. It's made of hard plastic, but it looks like crumpled paper. Made by Denmark's Essey, makers of Compose, a minimalist CD storage unit, the ergonomic ES cutting board, Move bent steel coffee table, and the Quatro ergonomic cutting board made of wood. Thanks Junichi!

Designers: John Brauer, Hans Falleboe



Compose CD storage unit


ES cutting board

"Unusual in design, the board breaks with conventional boards by establishing a slope, allowing liquids to run freely to a collection drain from where they can be poured easily away. The cutting angle and single-hand lifting are other ergonomic working benefits of ES. The product is reversible so that meat and vegetables can be prepared separately. Non-slip, reversible, hygienic and durable HD-PE, light weight, and dish washable are other features of ES."


Move bent steel coffee table


Quatro cutting board

"Ergonomic cutting angle and single hand lifting, Reversible to separate meat from vegetables, Drained and controlled pouring, Durable and knife-friendly."

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