Kit Homes Modern
by Admin1 / March 20, 2005

It's scheduled to be published in December 2005, but worthy of review now. In fact the timing couldn't be better, houses are astronomically expensive and kit houses may be the only affordable low cost/high design solution. "Kit Homes Modern explains everything homeowners need to know, offering a comprehensive look at the full range of modern kit homes currently on the market. A brief, entertaining history of the origin and evolution of kit homes, including how they differ from mobile homes, is followed by a behind-the-scenes tour of the creation of a kit home from the architect's drawing board to the factory floor to its final destination. Tips and hints on buying and installing a kit home tell homeowners exactly what to expect and show them how to avoid costly pitfalls and mistakes.". Comes with a resource section that provides up-to-date references on manufacturers, architects, consumer websites, consultants, and contractors who specialize in kit homes. Hardcover, 160 pages, "full color throughout" probably means high page:photo ratio, $23.10 at Amazon.

+ Kit Homes Modern at Amazon

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