Affordable Home Design
by Admin1 / February 27, 2005

Good design and structure on a budget.
IMHO, it's not enough to make housing accessible, adding thought to the design transforms the function and the form, usually for the better. I'm not an architect, but I appreciate what they do. It's a theme here at MoCo Loco - among others - new thinking about architecture, design and the home; affordability, functionality, quality and sustainability. You can get it all. Here's the publisher's blurb for the book, "The aim of Affordable Home Design is to showcase a wide array of solutions to the same architectural challenge of good design and structure on a budget. The projects include extensions of houses and apartments already in existence, ecological housing design, sustainable and structurally cost-effective homes, and new buildings in strictly coded conservation zones.". Hardcover, 176 pages, 400 color photos, $23.80 at Amazon.

+ Affordable Home Design at Amazon


Atelier and guesthouse Grobensse by Architekten Loosen, Ruschoff + Winkler.


Sempacher loft apartments, by Camenzind Grafensteiner Architects HTL RIBA SIA.


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