Meta MoCo - 19 FEB 05
by Admin1 / February 19, 2005

This week's MoCo picks + submissions.

+ Po Shun Leong's 700 feet of 100% recycled extra strength corrugated cardboard Whirligig Lounge Chair. Land+Living>

+ Jeremy Cole's Aloe Lamps. Apartment Therapy>

+ Starck Shows Off Downtown slideshow. Apartment Therapy>

+ The Boontje Show at Moss slideshow... Apartment Therapy>

+ ... and the Boontje Show at Moss via Dezain>

+ Faber Safire framed electric fireplaces for your wall. DesignMatcher>

+ Well crafted and environmentally sound sunday furniture and interior related products. TreeHugger>

+ 32BNY, alternative architecture magazine. The Winter 2005 issue features architects Steven Holl, Office dA and Bernard Tschumi. Thanks Dana!

+ Freitag's trendy-yet-individual (design it yourself) 90210 Credit Card Wallets made from old truck tarps. WARNING: ergo-crappy website. Cool Hunting>

+ Target has a Design For All website to go along with the TV ad campaign.

+ Die-cut industrial wool felt Joseph Bench by Chris Ferebee & Laurice Parkin. design*sponge>

+ MoCo furniture from salvaged materials at DLP Designs. Nice small homes too. Thanks Lucio!

+ TAK Brand ergonomic pushpins. Thanks Scott!

+ More Jacob Marks furniture at skram. Thanks skram!

+ The Thinker, Iara Madaleno's wire sculpture. Thanks Iara!

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