New Indoor Pool Design
by Admin1 / December 12, 2004

More in the Daab Compact Book series.
Available sometime in 2005 from Ralf Daab's eponymous imprint. He was formerly with Taschen and it shows. Pool is so new, it doesn't even have a cover photo in Amazon. But I got one, and like all the other titles from Daab, it looks great. OK, so not everyone can own an indoor pool, but you can own the book (that's my plan). New Indoor Pool Design when published will join New Kitchen Design, Bathroom Design, Loftspace Design, Apartment Design, Livingroom Design, Kidsroom Design and Homeoffice Design. Others due in 2005 include New Garden Design and New Light Design. Something for everyone from Daab (which also happens to be the name of my favorite beer from the same country, minus an "a"). Flexicover, 192 pages, $12.89 at Amazon.

+ New Indoor Pool Design at Amazon

Also from Daab, New Kitchen Design.
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+ New Livingroom Design at Amazon

+ New Kidsroom Design at Amazon

+ New Garden Design at Amazon

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