by Admin1 / November 28, 2004

30 renovations as seen in Metropolitan Home.
Contemporary design magazine Metropolitan Home has gathered a few years worth of renovation articles and re-published them in book form. To be fair, there are more photos and more text than was originally published in the magazine. Renovation is a strong theme in Met Home, especially reno done by readers which means the redone homes are mostly by do-it-yourself owners. Mind you, Renovate isn't a step-by-step how-to, it's a well illustrated ideas book. Personally, I like the striking contrast between the before and after of each project. The book is organized by style-specific chapters including cottages, ranch house, apartments, and suburban homes, and also includes a directory for the architects, designers, furniture manufacturers, and craftspeople featured. Hardcover, 256 pages, 200 photos, $27.00 at Amazon.

+ Renovate at Amazon
+ Metropolitan Home magazine at Amazon

Renovate, the book.

Renovate, the magazine cover.

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