The Magic of Tents
by Admin1 / October 17, 2004

Lightweight architectural structures.
I have two favorite MoCo book authors, James Grayson Trulove and Alejandro Bahamon. I haven't been disappointed yet by either and in the The Magic of Tents: Transforming Space Alejandro Bahamon succeeds in making an unlikely subject very compelling. "For years, architects have enjoyed the challenge of incorporating lightweight structures--fabrics, tents, canopies, membranes, and so on--into their designs." True. In fact, I just challenged an architect to design a tent structure. These light materials should be a welcome boon to architectural creativity, "allowing designers to envision spaces that take innovative shapes and interact with their surroundings in ways unattainable with conventional materials.". There are many real life examples in the book, both residential and commercial projects, ranging from from a Miami nightclub on the beach to a private home in Germany. Paperback with flaps, 172 pages, $35.00 at Amazon.

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