by Admin1 / August 18, 2004

Minimalist fluorescent.
Why are fluorescent lamps big and bulky affairs? Some will tell you it's because of the ballast. Not designer Alain Monnens. He's reduced the hanging fluorescent to its essence - the tube itself. "The special features of this harmonious appliance have been obtained by a combination of sandblasted synthetic materials and an electronically controlled 36 or 58 W fluorescent lamp. Available with an integrated dimmer/switch allowing direct control of the light output on the appliance.". More Tossb lights in the extended posting.

DESIGNER: Alain Monnens


Tossb Up & Down Bar. "By a simple click-and-tilt system, the 'Up & Down' can be inclined to shine upwards or downwards."

Tossb Stok and PivoV Bar. "The 'stok' can be supported by a wall or positioned behind a plant or sofa for efficient and agreeable additional lighting. The 'pivoV' can pivot around its axis and is available with a cord with footswitch."

Tossb PivoH Bar. "The 'pivoH' pivots over 355 degrees around its suspension and is available as an up-and-down light."

Tossb Celine wall and ceiling lamp with a brushed stainless steel reflector "for cosy light reflection or a high-efficiency anodised aluminum reflector. The cylinder that houses the lamp can be rotated for direct or indirect light.".

Tossb's compact Flink wall and floor lights. Floor model and LED wall light shown.

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