Rainy Day
by Admin1 / July 7, 2004

Spool shaped lamp.
The wheel is a lamp. A cosy lamp, a nomadic lamp. It can be put on the floor, on the wall, on a table. By putting one on top of another, you can make a column of light!. In fact, a molded plastic circular lamp with an 8 metre long power supply cable. Made for either the floor or the wall, its available in either translucent white or translucent acid yellow and uses a 40W circular fluorescent light bulb. Also new from Pallucco; the Cloudy Night bed, the EI mirror made entirely of perfectly flat steel, Dodici clothestand, and the lit La Linea modular bookshelf system. Via Reluct.

DESIGNERS: Kazuhiro Yamanaka, Laura Agnoletto, Marzio Rusconi Clerici, James Irvine, Andrea Marcante
LINK: pallucco.com
LINK: reluct.com

Kazuhiro Yamanaka's Rainy Day for Pallucco.


Kazuhiro Yamanaka's Cloudy Night for Pallucco.

Laura Agnoletto and Marzio Rusconi Clerici's EI mirror for Pallucco. "Its frame is self-supporting, exact and sculpturesque; it is made up of two plates bent and fitted into one another, which allows them to become a small bookcase or a clothes-stand to be used in the home (hallways, sleeping area, bathroom)".


James Irvine's Dodici clothestand for Pallucco.

Andrea Marcante's La Linea modular bookshelf system for Pallucco. "La Linea is a bookshelf system of modular elements that offers the possibility of making up original horizontal or vertical structures, from wall to wall or from floor to ceiling. Different coloured lights can be alternated freely: each module is lit internally by a fluorescent bulb in the four preferred colours white, yellow, blue and green.".




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