by Admin1 / July 4, 2004

3D wallpaper.
Three-dimensional wallpaper molded from 100% recycled waste paper. From Mio, the atelier of sustainable design and founder Jaime Salm, comes a series of products that showcase "Green desire in everyday life". V2 is joined by Tangent, another 3D wallpaper, the die-cut and stitched felt Grid wall pockets, the felt and steel Shroom light, and the aluminum Stoop social seating.

DESIGNERS: Jaime Salm, Esther Chung, Elizabeth Ingram, Todd Bergman
LINK: mioculture.com

Mio's V2 and Tangent 3D wallpaper designed by Jaime Salm and Esther Chung.

Grid, die-cut and stitched felt wall pockets designed by Jaime Salm and Elizabeth Ingram.

Shroom felt and steel light and the aluminum Stoop social seating designed by Jaime Salm and Todd Bergman.


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