Light Brix
by Admin1 / June 24, 2004

Experimental interactive lighting.
Experimental lighting installations from France featuring human-light interaction. The Light Brix “installation looks beyond the computer screen to explore what makes up the screen itself: the individual pixel” and Twilight “materializes a light weight, three dimensional, transparent, floating screen. By blowing on one of the paper windmills, the spectator triggers a movement of light and sound.”. For Light Brix, the leap to viable product appears to be a short one. Via IDFuel.

DESIGNER: Helen Evans, Heiko Hansen


"The objective behind the project is to develop a network structure of moderately intelligent cells that communicate between each other and respond to human touch. Each cell has a responsive skin, a little brain, a name, six eyes and one ear: to listening out and respond to information about what is happening on the network. Its intelligence lies in its ditributed structure: there is no central unit of control. The controller, or trigger of events is the person that touches a cell within the sensitive membrane."



Twilight. "By blowing on one of the paper windmills, the spectator triggers a movement of light and sound. The installation breathes, and this notion is embodied in the gesture of the spectator, the interface, the response of the installation and its effect on the space itself. When interacting with the installation the spectator becomes both audience and performer, both watching the installation and controlling it from under the spotlight."



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