Home is a state of mind
by Admin1 / May 23, 2004

User centered furniture collection.
More than just ergonomic, the self-aware “Home is a state of mind” collection from GoPingPong is a social and artistic statement as well. "Gopingping focuses on the link between our products and their users. By working with physical awareness we believe we can create new and more human centered products, in which the design speaks it's user's language. The primary goal is to create a forum for de-branding and de-constructing. And to use the true value off being able to re-design our perspective on furniture, room and living space design itself". Thanks Thomas!

DESIGNERS: Charlott Karlsson, Laurent Farioli, Mette Kragelund, Thomas Fredriksen
MANUFACTURER: gopingpong.dk

Memories by GoPingPong.

Adversus by GoPingPong.

Impossible Princess #1 by GoPingPong.

The Tree 1 & 2 by GoPingPong.

Split by GoPingPong.


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