Blue Ocean
by Admin1 / May 7, 2004

Rear projection video screen aquarium.
Nippura’s new Blue Ocean “enhances any rear projector system's capability, but its bold value is its complete utilization of the advancements in high definition video resolution and rear projector technology.” Simply put, Blue Ocean is a special acrylic screen that sits in front of a rear projection video system and provides the illusion of watching a real aquarium in simulated 3D. Yeah, it takes Ingvar Kamprad money to get one for your own castle, but I still want one. For a more affordable TV screen effect, go here or here.


"Because BLUE OCEAN can be made to practically any acrylic thickness, designers can now imagine large scale frame less, cantilevered or suspended architecturally stunning applications."

"Domes, Curved Screens, Hydrostatically loaded backdrops a technology that allows for amazing and encompassing rear projection productions."

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