by Admin1 / April 30, 2004

Color coded clock.
Coulheur is a play on the words color and hour in French. “Bettina Dadon's clock takes the three primary colours, shades them off and divides them… on three transparent disks which are associated with the three time units respectively.” France’s Valorisation de l'Innovation dans l'Ameublement is an organization that promotes French designers. VIA selected Coulheur as well as Guillaume Bardet's Equilibre neon motion lamp, Clémentine Chambon's LED Light Curtain, Severine Szymanski's Brike floral partition, and Nestor Perkal's modular Sybila table to sponsor this year among others. Coulheur and the other selected designs are prototypes in search of a manufacturer.

DESIGNERS: Bettina Dadon,Guillaume Bardet, Clémentine Chambon, Severine Szymanski, Nestor Perkal


Guillaume Bardet's Equilibre neon lamp. "Consisting of a diffusing parallel piped composed of a cable and ball and socket system coupled with a counter weight, the lamp offers movement and balance."

Clémentine Chambon's Light Curtain. " Made of optical fibres woven with cotton threads, it propagates light from LEDs arranged on the top of the curtain. The supply is provided via the rail, used as an electric rail whose box contains a transformer. The curtain is switched on by a light intensity sensor located on the rail so that it only comes on when daylight fades."

Severine Szymanski's Brike floral partition. "Featuring a simple principle, (the stacking of tiles on a movable growing tub), "Brike" supports plant growth while creating a constantly changing area that can be used to organise your space or even to completely partition it off. Tubes, tanks and water distributors are used to maintain the partition and make it possible to feed the plants via capillary action."

Nestor Perkal's Sybila table. "This table, which comprises a metal structure and a tabletop made from synthetic material, includes one or several functional and decorative porcelain features in the centre. The porcelain items (table mat, fruit dish, candlesticks and vases) offer varying combinations to bring the table to life, thereby creating a new version of a table centrepiece."


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