by Admin1 / April 14, 2004

Cylindrical BBQ grill.
I've got to agree with the promo lit, this grill is extremely functional; "A useful coal bucket, with handle, gathers the ash and is easy to empty after use. A smart set of collapsible legs, which can even stand on uneven surfaces, supports the flat grill lid, neatly creating an extra serving table. A dome-shaped cooking lid, available as an accessory, in effect transforms your grill into a fan oven.". Eva Solo is also introducing a pair of grill tweezers made from stainless steel to go with Outclass.

DESIGNER: Claus Jensen, Henrik Holbek
MANUFACTURER: evasolo.dk


Eva Solo's Outclass grill accessories; stainless steel tweezers, cooking lid and cover.

"A few logs on the barrel grill will keep you warm after dinner."

While you're in the yard, you can check the Eva Solo Drip-Drop rain gauge. This moulded glass container sits in a plastic holder on a stainless steel spike.


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