Lily Eau
by Admin1 / April 13, 2004

Light in the shape of a water lily.
ôOriginally a light that you can float in your swimming pool or pond, a feature that turned out to be impossible to market under international safety regulations. This key feature has been replaced by a new feature emphasising the place and function of the lamp: a plug and play explorer of your garden." Lily Eau is one of four new lights being produced by Italyĺs Luceplan from Dutch design firm Customr. The four lights are part of Customrĺs Greenlight Collection. The first two lights, Airco and Biodomestic, are available now whereas Flat and Lily Eau will be developed further and will follow soon.

DESIGNER: Willem van der Sluis, Hugo Timmermans

"The Greenlight Collection consists of a series of designs dedicated to energy efficient pin-based lightsources... It has been our goal to marry energy efficiency with innovation and design excellence. The lighting market largely consists of boring white, square, glass & stainless steel fixtures. In our quest to outperform other luminaires or collections we clearly chose to use explicit functions, shapes and colour. We created a series of lamps that distinguish themselves, each lamp with a unique function and character. Lamps people can relate to." More please!

Luceplan's Airco light designed by Customr.

Luceplan's Biodomestic light designed by Customr.

Luceplan's Flat light designed by Customr.

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