LED Tile Light
by Admin1 / April 12, 2004

Recessed LED light.
Designed to be recessed into the wall, these colorful framed lights are available in a range of visual textures. A color changing image is projected onto the front screen by 36 digitally controlled long-lasting LEDs (light emitting diodes). Layers of optical materials provide different color textures and special colors can be programmed to order. The illuminated area is 115mm square. A larger version called Ledicon is also available as is a flourescent floor lamp, a modular light panel system and an LED clock.

DESIGNER: Jeremy Lord
MANUFACTURER: colourlight.com

Colourlight's LED Tile Light and and some available color textures.

Colourlight's Ledicon lights and Mirage floor lamp.

Colourlight's Gemini LED clock and Chromawall modular light panel system.


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