Extra Spatial
by Admin1 / March 22, 2004

Book on design company IDEO.
“International design company IDEO is a leader in design, development, and technology innovation, creating interactive environments that span many disciplines and industries.” Extra Spatial, by IDEO, Colin Burns and Fred Dust, is an overview of the company's recent projects; from the high-tech shopping experience of a New York Prada store (in collaboration with Rem Koolhaas) to the Stanford Center for Innovations in Learning. In all, 28 projects are covered for clients ranging from Amtrak to Hewlett-Packard. Photos and text walk the reader through the proposed project's challenges and presents the team's design solutions. Paperback, with a special thermographic cover that changes color when touched, 140 images, 120 pages, $24.50 at Amazon (due in April 2004).

Extra Spatial at Amazon


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