BeoCenter 2
by Admin1 / March 17, 2004

New music system from Bang & Olufsen.
BeoCenter 2 adds DVD playback and other features that more seamlessly integrates sound with video on multiple platforms. Start the DVD, and the TV turns on automatically - finding the right channel and choosing the right sound format by itself. A built-in timer function lets you wake up to your favorite radio station (itís about time they put timers in stereos). You also have full access to all your music files on your computer's hard disk. The wafer-thin 0.5 mm aluminum cover is made out of a single plate which provides for a uniform structure of the polished surface and the ability to mount a touch-sensitive foil under that surface to create unique button-less operation.

DESIGNER: David Lewis

Press load and BeoCenter 2 unfolds its aluminum wings and lights up in a warm glow.






The BeoCenter2 with B&O's new "big sound, small speaker" Beolab3 speakers. "The sides of the loudspeaker function as additional, passive speaker units and allow BeoLab 3 to move greater quantities of air (and therefore to reproduce lower notes) than would otherwise be possible in such a small, compact cabinet. A rather striking feature of the design is the acoustic lens on top of BeoLab 3. One advantage of the Acoustic Lens Technology is that it permits greater freedom as regards positioning without impairing the sound quality, and it also limits sound reflections from the floor and ceiling, delivering more precise reproduction."

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