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A’ Design Awards & Competition: The Now and Future Winners!

This sponsored post is brought to you by A’ Design Award and Competition. The results are in for the A’ Awards 2014-2015: everyone’s not a winner, but a chosen 836 are, from 83 countries, in 89 different design disciplines, in the world’s largest forum for design excellence. A’ Design competition results are announced every year on April 15. Best design products, projects and services worldwide are surfaced and celebrated for superior design, technology and creativity. It’s quite the stunning coming together of designers, architects, artists, brands and companies from around the planet (and it’s open to every designer!). Check out the latest and past winners in the online gallery.


Grotto Sauna Freestanding Residential Sauna by Partisans. Platinum A’ Design Award Winner, Architecture, Building and Structure Design Category 2014 – 2015.

More discerning than ever: Judging for the A’ Awards is rigorous, professional and impartial, with a 70-person panel of professionals, and methodology based on research into hundreds of design competitions. The latest awards were more rigorously-judged than ever before, with additional new criteria from the International Council of Communication Design, and a new normalized score mechanism that switched from arithmetic average to standard deviations when calculating juror votes. (Judging details: A’ Awards Jury and A’ Awards Methodology)


Raw Restaurant, Taipei Restaurant by Weijenberg Pte Ltd. Platinum A’ Design Award Winner, Interior Space and Exhibition Design Category 2014 – 2015.

THE PRIZE: The A’ Design hardware comes in Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Iron, five levels of distinction in every design category, in an original 3D printed metal trophy, presented along with a framed certificate and hardcover yearbook. Backing it up is a powerful, practical, incredibly valuable prize package that includes real-world promotion (translated into dozens of languages), and extensive marketing/sales support, including customized PR, marketing, and sales services.


Zi Garden/Tangquan Tea Club Sales & Exhibition by Raynon Chiu. Platinum A’ Design Award Winner, Interior Space and Exhibition Design Category 2014 – 2015.

BEST OF BREED: In addition to some 100 individual design categories, A’ Design Awards are presented for Good Spatial Design (Architecture, Interior Design, Urban Design and Landscape Design), Good Industrial Design (Product Design, Appliance Design, Vehicle Design, and Machinery Design), Good Communication Design (Graphics Design, Interaction Design and Marketing Design), Good Fashion Design (Garment Design, Fashion Accessory Design and Footwear Design), Good System Design (Service Design, Design Strategy, Quality & Innovation), and for Achievements in Arts & Literature.


Santander World Urban Sculptures by Jose Angel Cicero and SW Artists. Platinum A’ Design Award Winner, Arts, Crafts and Ready-Made Design Category 2014 – 2015.

ENTER NOW: Even as intense promotion of the 2014-2015 winners is underway, a new competition cycle begins now. Submission to the A’ Design Awards 2015-2016 competition is now open: interested designers, artists, architects and companies can get detailed information, or register and submit. Everything you need, accessible and comprehensive, for entering the A’ Design Award and Competition 2016, is available online!

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