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A’ Design Award and Competition Top10

office_04_i29_interior_architects.jpg This sponsored post is brought to you by A’ Design Award and Competition. The A’ Design Award is an annual showcase for the world’s best design concepts, prototypes and finished products. Here’s a selection of 10 from the winners of the 2012 competition. Above, Office 04 by I29 Interior Architects.


Office 04 by I29 Interior Architects, an office interior design for an ad agency features the playful and unusual use of fabric on various surfaces, walls, lamps, partitions to create a durable and acoustic friendly environment.


Orishiki Hand Bag Clutch Bag by Naoki Kawamoto, is a faceted clutch that starts out flat and combines elements of Origami and Furoshiki, two traditional Japanese folding techniques, to become a three dimensional functional object.


Dhyana Armchair by Salvatore Guzzo is an armchair that can be sat in cross-legged, which is not surprising considering it was inspired by yoga.


Teslight Floating Magnetic Lamp by a. Bosio and a. Ballestrero is suspended from above, and below, by two thin wires and is held in place by magnetism.


Didi Table Lamp by Ronen Bavly came into being when the designer was designing and sewing a pleated skirt – which then led to a study of cutting, folding and reopening elliptical shapes.


Triangle Notebook Notebook by Tan Mavitan opens to a square.


Star House Beach House by Agi Architects is a beach house on the coast of Kuwait designed to maximize views to the sea.


The Fa.b. Fabric Bookcase by Aliki Rovithi has flexible fabric “shelves” that can be easily added to the unit to accommodate more books.


Dominus Plus Clock Application by Albert Salamon presents time in a novel way, with dots, like the dots on domino pieces, that represent hours, tens of minutes and minutes.


Marina Cove Residentail by Michael Liu, integrates outside and inside seamlessly.

We’ve highlighted designs from but a few of the 80 A’ Design Award categories, see all the winners here. Submissions for the 2012-2013 competition are open through September 30th, 2012.

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